Megan Roberts (APD, Acc Sports Dietitian)

Dietitian Consultant

Megan Roberts is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Sports Dietitian working with weight classed athletes to improve their health and performance through nutrition. She also has an extensive history working as an Outpatient Bariatric Dietitian supporting individuals pre and post weight loss surgery and remission of their insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Her philosophy is improved quality of life, moving people away from the scales and rather towards practical strategies to improve their life, and if relevant, their particular health condition. 

John Perfrement CPA M.Sc B.Bus BA Dip.Fin.Services

Independent Business Consultant

John is an independent consultant and a sessional university lecturer specializing in investments, capital budgeting techniques and corporate finance in general, including international financial management. He has advised clients including Myopharm, Aurora Energy, ActewAGL, the APA Group, Epic Energy and the Victorian Government. Until 2008 John held middle and senior management positions in ExxonMobil over a 21-year period including 3 years as economics lead in natural gas, developing business cases & conducting modelling to do with large upstream investments & divestments. John's downstream experience is also extensive and includes fuels & lubricants sales & marketing, high-value procurement, logistics & distribution and change management, including company restructures and large compliance programs.

Specialty areas: Capital Investment analysis, financial & other business modelling including valuations of assets and companies.

Gennadi Koutchin MAppFin

Corporate Advisor

Gennadi has extensive experience in the development and execution of equity capital markets and transactions across a range of sectors, specialising in project management, research and due diligence. Promoting companies to well-established networks of brokers, Australian and international institutional investors, Gennadi works closely with management to connect companies with market participants and leads companies through their various capital management initiatives.

Since 2007, including XEC Partners (2015 - current), Patersons Corporate Finance and Tolhurst Ltd (2007 - 2015), Gennadi has advised numerous companies on an extensive range of capital raising transactions including: IPOs, Placements, SPPs, Rights Issues and many corporate advisory assignments. Gennadi holds a Master of Applied Finance and Investment degree from FINSIA.

Bradley Cocks BA Communications

Social Media Consultant

Bradley is a Business and Marketing Strategy Consultant with over 15 years international experience delivering results and brand value for global companies, in varying sizes, across multiple sectors and ownership structures. He provides a broad range of strategic consulting solutions to maximise client's goals. Over the past four years he has focused on providing ASX small cap companies with Investor Relations Social Media solutions for the likes of Imugene Limited, Chimeric Therapeutics, Radiopharm Theranostics, Arovella Therapeutics, Prescient Therapeutics and Enero.