Joy Song BCom (Hons)

International Business Development Manager

Ms Joy Song is a highly accomplished and award-winning executive, renowned for her exceptional contributions and multidisciplinary expertise in business, finance, economics and research. Currently a Senior Partner and Advisor at Heyington Capital with a strong focus on life sciences and cell gene technologies, M&A and IPO's. As a co-founder of CellHeal Therapeutics, she is at the forefront of development and commercialisation of cell gene therapies, with a focus on oncology and regeneration.

Beyond her contributions to CellHeal Therapeutics, Ms Song is committed to fostering collaboration between Australia and China. Her expertise and unwavering integrity have earned her a reputation as a trusted collaborator and supporter of Australian peer organisations seeking entry into the Chinese market. By bridging cultural and business divides, Ms. Song actively nurtures and enables partnerships, propelling biotech innovation and igniting a spirit of cooperation across international borders. Leveraging her combined backgrounds in science and finance, Ms Song is able to effectively identify and implement opportunities, driving success for both companies and investors.

Ms Song holds a Bachelor of Commerce with an Honours Degree in Economics and Finance (breath in Law) from the University of Melbourne.